Heaven Below by Joan Lehmann, M.D.

Heaven Below is the heartwarming adventure of Sean O’Connell, a Pennsylvania coal miner, who longs to live by the sea. As a lad, Sean’s Grandda recounted vivid tales of the Atlantic and Sean vows to experience the enchanting green waters for himself. Early in his journey, there is a change of plans when he is swept up by a pair of alluring brown eyes. He finds happiness in family life in Pottsville but never forgets his childhood dream. Then a cruel twist of fate turns his world upside down. Murder and money send Sean running for his life. In Baltimore, he gets a second chance but finds he must first follow his conscience before he can follow his dreams. Heaven Below is a down to earth tale of Sean’s inward and outward journey of life and love that will pull at your heartstrings and make you laugh out loud.

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Joan Lehmann, M.D.

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