Don't Move Lily:

Doctoring in West by God        (Coming Soon)

Heaven Below by Joan Lehmann, M.D.

A Little About Lily

I was relieved that the first year, the worst year of my clinical training was finally over. But before I could celebrate, I became the laughing stock of the department when one of the senior residents assigned me to Lily, a disgustingly obese homebound patient. Big Lil bunked with her lesbian roommate, Bertie who cooked her greasy pork chops and her fleabag dog, Patches, who fetched packs of Winstons from her bedroom closet. On my first visit, I could hardly stand to look at her. I couldn’t even get through her physical exam. When I lifted her blanket, I couldn’t tell her breast from her thigh. Lily got a monthly check from the state, a free room from Grandpa, sponge baths from Bertie and house calls from her green as grass doctor, me. She had it all worked out. Our monthly visits dealt with her swollen legs, her panic attacks, injuries from her fights with Bertie and attempts to get her out of bed. In time, I learned to see past her physical grotesqueness to find the funny, bright, child-like person inside and befriended her.

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